The Department of Mathematics was established by academician L. Fejes-Tóth in 1949, at the same time as the university. Together with the spread of the computers the area of computing was added the educational and research activity of the department, and its name was changed to Department of Mathematics and Computing in 1968. The department offers courses for all faculties of the university in Veszprém. The department is the coordinator of the Graduate Program in Informatics Education (since 1992) and the Undergraduate Program in Programming Mathematics (since 2003). The department joined to the Faculty of Information Technology in 2006, and together with a structural change of the faculty, its name changed back to Department of Mathematics on July 1, 2009.

Former department heads: László Fejes-Tóth (1949-1963), Dezső Varga (1963-1974), Zoltán László (1974-1993), István Győri (1993-2009), Ferenc Hartung (2009-2010), Zsolt Tuza (2010-2013), Ferenc Hartung (2013-2023)