Bezdek Károly egyetemi tanár előadást tart a Matematika Tanszéken.

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Dr. Bezdek Károly

Pannon Egyetem, Matematika Tanszék
University of Calgary, Canada

2023. november 20. (hétfő) 13:00 órakor

On k-diametral point configurations in Minkowski spaces

címmel előadást tart a Pannon Egyetem Matematika Tanszék könyvtárában (Veszprém, Egyetem utca 10., I épület, 3. emelet, 314-es szoba)

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 Abstract: The structure of k-diametral point configurations in Minkowski d-space is shown to be closely related to the properties of k-antipodal point configurations in real d-space. In particular, the maximum size of k-diametral point configurations of Minkowski d-spaces is obtained for given k>1 and d>1 generalizing Petty’s results (Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 29: 369-374, 1971) on equilateral sets in Minkowski spaces. Furthermore, bounds are derived for the maximum size of k-diametral point configurations in given Minkowski d-space (resp., Euclidean d-space). Some of these results have analogues for point sets, which are discussed as well. In the proofs convexity methods are combined with volumetric estimates and combinatorial properties of diameter graphs. This is a joint work with Z. Langi (Budapest University of Technology, Hungary).

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